Friday, May 4, 2012

flOw is a really good game and you should check it out.

It's been a while since I last posted. I've got two posts bouncing around in my head, as yet unfinished - one about the excellent SSX, and one about an issue I've encountered in a number of game programming experiences.

Right now what I want to talk about is an older game called flOw, which is really pretty. Really pretty. This is the part where I want to go on and on using phrases like "exquisitely beautiful" and "rapturously gorgeous", but instead of boring you with purple prose I'm just going to post some screenshots.
flOw, annoying as its capitalization may be, is a perfectly calming game with a surprising depth of gameplay. Your objective is to grow your avatar larger and larger and progress to the end of a set of levels. You have a choice of unlockable creature types to play with, each of which has their own peculiarities. The controls are incredibly simple and, basically, the game gets an amazing depth of experience out of not much that you need to do. Really good.

It's available on PSN (about $10 and very worth it) and in a free version as a flash game (not nearly as good, if you ask me)..

flOw is a production of the notable thatgamecompany, responsible most recently for Journey but also for the art game Flower (in which one controls a gust of flower petals blown on a breeze) and Cloud, an incredibly poorly publicized art game which was, I'm pretty sure, the first exposure I had to games as an art form. I remember playing Cloud in my room in middle school, having downloaded it when it was just a project by a group of friends, and being awestruck by how somber it was. It moved me to tears.

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