Saturday, June 18, 2011


I probably should have written this earlier, instead of waiting for more than a month after finishing the game. In any case, this one will be shorter, I don't have that much to say.

So let's get this over with quickly. Portal 2 is absolutely amazing. It's like the first one, but longer and with more toys to play with, more amazing characters, and more focus on story. The gameplay is amazing, thinking with portals is as fun as it ever has been. The lasers, tractor beams, and gels all work wonderfully, especially in conjunction with the portals. It is incredibly satisfying, and most importantly, incredibly fun to finally figure out how you're supposed to use the toys you have to get through a particular puzzle and then nail the execution (usually involving some manner of soaring through the air awesomely). The dialogue in this game is simply fantastic, every single character in the game has tons of personality. The overall plot itself is somewhat weak and predictable, but the character interactions and development more than make up for it.
Unfortunately, the game itself isn't really that difficult. The majority of the puzzles simply involve using whatever new toy has been introduced to reach the exit, and it's only at the end that the toys start to get combined to make really interesting puzzles. Also, the greater focus on story and characters, combined with the decision to not have other characters chattering during the actual puzzle segments, means that there are a LOT of areas where you're not really solving puzzles so much as just finding your way through an area while people talk. And while this is ok, I think I would have preferred for there to just be more of the plain puzzle sections. However, that's what the co-op campaign is for. And it is wonderful. The test chambers themselves seem considerably longer than those in the single player campaign, and with four portals involved, the puzzles are devious. Plus, it's co-op, and I love co-op games. I haven't completely finished the co-op campaign yet, but it basically feels like I'm playing the original Portal again, but this time it's harder and I have a friend along. What's not to like about that?

Score: Astronomical. So high, you might say it's in space. Ehehehehe. At least I refrained from mentioning cake?

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